Instantly Spot Profit-Making opportunities from 11,000+ Stocks and ETFs – Every Day with STOCKS PREDATOR

The heart of the Stocks Predator lies in its innovative feature - The Confluence Meter. This powerhouse tirelessly scans 11,000+ stocks DAILY, filtering down to only a select few that hold a level of confluence, needing your attention.

The heart of the Stocks Predator lies in its innovative feature - The Confluence Meter. This powerhouse tirelessly scans 8,000+ stocks DAILY, filtering down to only a select few that hold a level of confluence, needing your attention.

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Introducing Stocks Predator by Xbrat

We're absolutely confident that xBrat Stocks Predator will revolutionize your trading experience. That's why we encourage you to fully embrace its potential over 90 days. For just $250 a month, you can access a world of unparalleled trading analysis – there's no long-term commitment, but we believe you'll see its value from day one.

Your monthly subscription unlocks:

Expert-Level Training: Dive into comprehensive indicator training through our exclusive learning portal. It's designed to rapidly enhance your trading skills, no matter your experience level.

Real-Time, Professional Support: Get direct access to our Microsoft Teams support channel. Here, you’ll receive not just support, but real-time tips and insights from our team of seasoned traders. We're not just offering a tool; we're offering a path to trading mastery.

Don't just trade – trade with the confidence and insight that xBrat Stocks Predator provides.

Ready to transform your trading? Join the Stocks Predator community today!


The Power of the Confluence Meter:

Trading Made Easy as 1-2-3

The heart of the Stocks Predator lies in its innovative feature - The Confluence Meter. This powerhouse tirelessly scans 11,000+ stocks DAILY, filtering down to only a select few that hold a level of confluence, needing your attention. Here’s how it works. 👇

Step 1: Comprehensive Market Scan

Scan with Precision": xBrat Stocks Predator begins by meticulously scanning over 11,000+ stocks daily. Utilizing three advanced scanners, we ensure no opportunity is missed

  • Unusual Options Activity Scanner: Detects early signs of MAJOR MOVES through technical analysis.

  • ​Insider Activity Scanner: Reveals stocks poised for movement based on

  • ​xBrat Algo Scanner: Uses 12 SECRET proprietary confirmation points to spotlight the best trades.(the more confirmation points, the higher the grade!) This scanner analyzes purely TECHNICAL data.

STEP 2: Identify High-Potential Stocks

Focus on the Best: Our Confluence Meter does the heavy lifting, filtering out the noise to highlight stocks showing significant potential — all clearly indicated by a SIMPLE traffic light system.

  • RED: Potential for short trades in bearish conditions.

  • ​YELLOW: Neutral stocks, requiring a watchful eye.

  • ​GREEN: Bullish stocks ready to take off.

STEP 3: Make Your Winning Move

Trade with Confidence": With clear, color-coded signals, making the right trade has never been easier. Two reds? Time to consider going short. xBrat Stocks Predator turns complex data into actionable trading strategies

Two or more green lights? You're looking at a soaring stock

Two reds? Time to consider going short. xBrat Stocks Predator turns complex data into actionable trading strategies 📉

Transform Your Trading Today with xBrat Stocks Predator: Where Every Trader Can Be a Market Expert

Click the button above to get access to xBrat Stocks Predator and join countless other traders in making consistent profits!

Scanner #1

Unusual Options Activity Scanner: Your Market Sixth Sense

Unlock Market Mysteries: Dive into the market's depths with our Unusual Options Activity Scanner, your personal alert system for the unexpected. This powerful tool cuts through the daily market chaos, zeroing in on unusual options activities – the telltale signs of IMMINENT major moves.

  • ​Spot Early Signals: Effortlessly uncover hidden patterns of abnormal options activities. Stay a step ahead and seize opportunities for substantial profits.

  • ​Comprehensive Market Scan: From unexpected surges in call options to significant accumulations of put options, our scanner ensures nothing slips past you.

  • ​Confident Trading Decisions: Empowered by data-driven insights, make your trading choices with newfound confidence. Say goodbye to second-guessing and uncertainty

  • ​Simplicity Meets Sophistication: With a user-friendly interface, the scanner is accessible to traders of all skill levels, turning complexity into clarity.

Transform How You Trade: With the Unusual Options Activity Scanner, be the first to know, the first to act, and often, the first to profit.

Scanner #2

Insider Activity Scanner: Your Early Alert to Market Movements

Unveil Insider Secrets: With the Insider Activity Scanner, never again feel outpaced by those in the know. This tool bridges the gap, giving you the same advantage as company insiders. Be the first to witness and react when stocks are poised to soar or plummet based on insider actions.

  • ​Instant Real-Time Alerts: Keep your finger on the market pulse. Get immediate notifications when insiders trade, offering you a timely edge in your trading strategy.

  • ​Comprehensive Insider Tracking: From CEOs to CFOs, track the market moves of top corporate players. With every crucial insider action, you're in the loop.

  • ​​Effortless Analysis: Forget the hassle of poring over complex financial reports. Our scanner simplifies this task, bringing you the essentials with ease

  • ​​Intuitive and Accessible: Designed for clarity, our user-friendly interface makes sophisticated insider tracking accessible to all traders, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro.

Transform Your Trading Strategy with Insider Knowledge. With the Insider Activity Scanner, you're not just trading – you're trading with insider intelligence.

Scanner #3

xBrat Algo Scanner: Your Pathway to Elite Trading Opportunities

Unleash the Power of xBrat Algo: Dive into the world of strategic trading with the xBrat Algo Scanner, a tool that's not just smart but exceptionally intuitive. Built on 12 exclusive, TOP SECRET confirmation points, this scanner is the brainchild of Paul – a master of the trading algorithm.

Navigate the Market with Precision: Here’s how the xBrat Algo Scanner transforms complex data into clear trading signals:

  • ​6-Star Trades: The pinnacle of trading opportunities. When all 12 points align, you're looking at a 6* trade - a rare, high-potential chance to significantly boost your portfolio.

  • ​5-Star Trades: Capture excellent opportunities with 11 aligned points. Each 5* trade represents a high probability of success, giving you an edge in the market.

  • ​​4-Star Trades: Solid, dependable trades are here. With 10 decision points confirming, these 4* trades blend reliability with promising profit potential.

  • ​​Trade Smarter, Not Harder: The xBrat Algo Scanner isn’t just a tool; it’s your partner in making informed, strategic decisions. Every trade grade, from 3* to 6*, is your stepping stone to smarter, more profitable trading.

Elevate Your Trading Game with the xBrat Algo Scanner: Where Every Trade Counts.

Click the button above to get access to xBrat Stocks Predator and join countless other traders in making consistent profits!

Noob VS Pro:

Which Trading Path Will You Choose?

The Common

Traders Path:

  • Delayed Information:
    Catching up on market news when it's already old news.

  • Inconsistent Profits: Riding the emotional rollercoaster of erratic gains and losses, It's a journey of hope and despair.

  • Drowning in Data: Lost in an overwhelming ocean of irrelevant and outdated market information..

  • Complexity Overload: Struggling with complicated tools and dashboards that add to confusion, not clarity.

  • Always Playing Catch-Up: Reacting to market news, forever one step behind the curve.

Your Path With Stocks Predator:

  • First to Know: Access crucial market-moving news before it hits the mainstream.

  • Steady Gains: Experience a consistent upward trajectory in your profits steadily paving your way to financial freedom.

  • Insider Insights at Your Fingertips: Dive into exclusive, curated insider analysis that slices through the noise.

  • ​Simplicity Meets Power: Navigate with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard – so straightforward, even a novice can master it in no time..

  • Lead the Market: Be proactive with unparalleled insider insights, staying always ahead in the trading game.

Who Is This For?

Feeling that surge of excitement and ready to dive in, but wondering if xBrat Stocks Predator is the right fit for you? Let's put that doubt to rest.

This platform is tailor-made for traders who identify with any of these scenarios:

You’re Tired Of Having An Unfair Disadvantage

Ever feel like the big guys on Wall Street have a secret handshake that no one taught you? It's time to crash their exclusive ‘billionaire party.’ Because with the Stocks Predator, you get the same juicy insider info that they’ve been hogging for DECADES. Finally, it’s your turn to be in on the secrets and play the market with an ace up your sleeve!

You Don’t Have Time To Waste

Let’s face it, who has the time to comb through a million headlines just to find that one golden nugget? Good news: The xBrat Stocks Predator does the heavy lifting, weeding out the fluff and delivering only the market-moving alerts you care about. So you can stop digging through the news trash pile and start making smart trades pronto!

You Want Consistent Growth

Tired of your gains looking like a heart monitor? One minute you’re up, the next you’re nose-diving? The Stocks Predator is here to help take you on a steadier climb to financial freedom. No more heart-stopping drops, just the sweet sight of consistent green!

You Don’t Have Time To Waste

Let's be honest, nobody wants to wrestle with complicated software… That’s where the xBrat Stocks Predator comes in. Its user-friendly dashboard is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with clunky, hard-to-navigate platforms. It's designed with simplicity in mind, making it a breeze to get the insider info you need to make informed trades.

Who Am I?

Hi — I'm Paul Bratby, a former British Army soldier who turned a challenging life into a successful trading career.

Meet Paul Bratby: From Army Soldier to Trading Maestro

Hi, I'm Paul Bratby. My journey from a British Army soldier facing life's trials to becoming a master in the trading arena is a story of transformation, discipline, and success.

Back in 1994, amidst the demands of military life, odd jobs, and family commitments, I stumbled upon the dynamic world of trading and investing. It was here that my army-honed discipline (which my wife humorously calls my 'emotionless robot' mode) became my greatest asset.

In just my first year in the trading arena, this disciplined approach catapulted my account balance. This wasn't just success; it was a revelation. It marked my transition from a soldier to a trading strategist and led to my early retirement from the Army.

As a money manager, I didn't just dabble in the market; I conquered it, managing assets worth over
$80 million
and consistently delivering annual returns upwards of
65%. My journey is a testament to what discipline, strategy, and a bit of 'robotic' emotion control can achieve in the world of trading.


What's Holding You Back? Your Path to Trading Mastery Awaits!

Seize the Moment: Unlock the Simplest Route to Pro-Level Trading – Achieve the Life and Freedom You've Always Wanted!

Say YES to Stocks Predator and Gain Access to Exceptional Features:

  • Insider Info at Your Fingertips: Step into a world previously hidden to all but corporate insiders. With xBrat Stocks Predator, you're no longer on the outside looking in – you have the key to a treasure trove of trading intelligence, elevating your market savvy to new heights.

  • Explore a Wealth of Trading Data: Delve into a vast database of over 44 million trading records. Unearth the subtle patterns and trends that give you an early edge, positioning you to act before the crowd.

  • Precise 'VICTORY RATE' Calculations: Replace hunches with hard data. Our 'VICTORY RATE' feature gives you a clear, calculated view of your trade's profit potential, ensuring your decisions are grounded in solid analysis.

  • Strategic 6-Month Outlook: Look ahead with clarity. Our 6-month forecasting tool allows you to identify future trading opportunities, setting the stage for sustained success and profitability.

  • ​....And Much More: Stocks Predator is overflowing with innovative features, each crafted to refine your trading approach.


Click the button above to get access to xBrat Stocks Predator and join countless other traders in making consistent profits!

Click the button above to get IMMEDIATE ACCESS
to the xBrat Stocks Predator & join hundreds of other traders in pinpointing winning trades!

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See what others have to say about us:

Its been a crazy week, after microsoft earnings and the way nas closed on Wednesday with such a bullish move I was really bullish on the nas so I was just looking for longs, on thursday morning in the premarket and I had a monster trade. Caught a six star buy breaking the c pivot of a bat pattern. My stop was below the d pivot. I held it until the close for over 300 points. It just ran best trade I have ever had.

— Pedro E

There is no magic bullet in trading, but the products offered by GTS are the closest things to it. They give you a great framework from which you can build on, whether you are just starting out or if you already have experience and are looking for another edge.”

— Tom, GTS Client

“Within a few weeks, I was hitting my weekly targets days on Mondays and Tuesdays some weeks instead of Fridays!”

— Nathan Shephard, CEO, Southern Sky Recovery

“Yes, I have made mistakes and losses, but that is the nature of the beast so to speak. However, the software does exactly what it says on the box and even with my limited knowledge, and with a bit of a learning curve, i am getting results.
I’ve had other software packages from various companies in the past which worked, but for me personally, this package ticks all the boxes.”

— John Davies, GTS Client


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